EuroGOOS Chair represents oceans on GEO

EuroGOOS Chair, Erik Buch, has been appointed as member of the Programme Board and observer to the Executive Board of GEO (the global Group on Earth Observations), as the GOOS representative.

The GEO Programme Board is tasked to advise on the GEO implementation plan for the new period of 2016-2025. The GEO 2016 Work Programme bridges the first and the second GEO decades. During 2016, the Programme Board will help GEO ensure continuation of current activities and define new priority actions identified in the Strategic Plan.

The GEO Programme Board has been established for the first time and held its first meeting on 2-3 February at the WMO headquarters in Geneva. The GEO Executive Board has now opened an observer status to participating organizations (in the past, only participating countries could take part).

Both EuroGOOS and GOOS look forward to strengthening the voice of the oceans on the GEO boards with the nomination of Erik Buch.

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