EuroGOOS visits the Australian GOOS Regional Alliance, Integrated Marine Observing System, IMOS

2016 10 14 Australia GN TM

Tim Moltmann, IMOS Director (left), and Glenn Nolan, EuroGOOS Secretary General (right), during Glenn Nolan’s visit to Australia, October 2016. Credit: IMOS

EuroGOOS and IMOS, the Australian Integrated Marine Observing System, are two of the thirteen GOOS Regional Alliances (GRAs), working towards a global ocean observing system through national and regional programmes. Glenn Nolan was invited by Tim Moltmann, Director of IMOS, to present a European observing and forecasting perspective at the Australian Coastal and Oceans Modelling and Observations conference (ACOMO 2016) and a separate seminar at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, CSIRO, in Hobart.

The ACOMO conference was held at the Australian Academy of Sciences, Canberra, on 11-12 October. The conference brought together the diverse ocean modelling and observations community. 46 papers and 35 posters in five topic areas were presented spanning all areas of coastal and open ocean oceanography, biogeochemistry and ecosystem observation challenges, as well as user applications. Glenn Nolan presented in the final session on EuroGOOS member services to operational oceanography end-users in Europe.

At the CSIRO seminar on 14 October, Glenn Nolan delivered a talk on EuroGOOS activities on capacity development within the GOOS Regional Alliances. During that week, Glenn Nolan also visited the Australian Antarctic Division and met with colleagues from the Global Ocean Observing System in the Indian Ocean, IO-GOOS, and Bureau of Meteorology.

The Council of GOOS Regional Alliances comes together at a biennial forum, with the next one scheduled for 2017.  IMOS is currently chairing the Council, with EuroGOOS holding Vice Chair role.

A news piece on the visit of Glenn Nolan was released on the IMOS website.

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