European Maritime Day 2015 workshop: Marine data and information powering Blue Growth

EuroGOOS together with EMODnet, Mercator Ocean, the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, the European Network of Maritime Clusters, INGV and Links S.p.A organises a workshop titled “marine data and information powering Blue Growth” on 28 May, 11:00-12:30, during the celebration of the European Maritime Day 2015 in Athens.

The workshop will focus on key elements of the marine knowledge value chain: from observation and collection of marine and coastal data to information, products and services for intermediate and end-users. The aim is to attract and demonstrate to the audience, in particular stakeholders from maritime industries, the importance of marine and coastal observation and data management as well as the following development of marine core and downstream services for end-users, as critical components to promote and implement the Marine Knowledge 2020 strategy.

The workshop will consist of two parts jointly addressing the four main components of the Marine Knowledge value chain covering (1) Marine Observation and Data -> (2) Marine Core Services -> (3) Marine Downstream Services -> (4) End-users.

Moderator: Mr Phil Weaver, Chair of EMODnet Steering Committee

Part 1 Introduction and illustration of the core concepts and actors involved in the first three components of the marine knowledge value chain.


Mr Alvise Bragadin, COGEA, Coordinator of EMODnet Human Activities : The relevance of free access to interoperable data on human activities in the European marine and coastal environment.

Mr Gaël Morvan, Head of the Bathymetry Department,, French Hydrographic Office (SHOM): Coastal Mapping: Towards a prototype digital map of Europe’s coastal zone for inclusion in EMODnet

Mr Pierre Bahurel, Director General Mercator Ocean, entrusted entity for implementing the Copernicus Marine Service : The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service

Mr Erik BUCH, Chairman of EuroGOOS AIBSL : Downstream activities of EuroGOOS Association members

Mr Antonio Guarnieri (INGV) and Ms Palmalisa Marra (Links S.p.A.) : Marine services in the Mediterranean Sea: TESSA and EMODnet MedSea Checkpoint projects

Part 2 Guided panel discussion focusing on perspectives from end-users (with testimonies from representatives from key user communities and interventions from the audience)

Introduction by Mr Paul Marceul, Secretary General, European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC): Expectations and needs of end-users in terms of quality and service

User testimonies: John Campbell (Technical Director of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) on data use and sharing by the ocean industry, TESSA project and EMODnet MEDSEA Checpoint users, representative from industrial company LuxSpace, Luxembourg, …)

The workshop takes place at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) on 28 May at 11 am, room Trianti. More information on EMD workshops:

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