Highlights of the 11th FerryBox workshop

The 11th FerryBox Workshop took place on September 28-29, 2022, at Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon in Germany. The workshop highlighted the progress within the FerryBox community during the 20 years since the EU FerryBox project started (2003), and hosted research scientists, stakeholders and industry partners from more than 15 countries in Europe and beyond. Some of the newest developments within the community were highlighted, including the initiatives towards expanding the research network, the newest technological developments, and data and communication tools. Andrew King, Research Manager in the Marine Biogeochemistry and Oceanography section at the Norwergian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), co-chair of EuroGOOS FerryBox Task Team, and Dina Eparkhina, Senior Policy and Communications Officer at EuroGOOS, showcased opportunities to use (near)-real time in situ data for public engagement. 

The workshop was supported by EuroGOOS, and Jerico-S3 & EuroSea EU projects, and industry partners 4H Jena Engineering GmbH, SubCTech GmbH, and Kongsberg.

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