IOC Assembly, June 2015, Paris

EuroGOOS was well represented at the 28th Session of the IOC Assembly in Paris last June. Erik Buch, EuroGOOS chair, gave an insightful talk on the challenges in the Arctic, promoting the establishment of an Arctic GOOS. EuroGOOS Glider Task Team chair Pierre Testor delivered a presentation on gliders and 4D oceanic measurements.

Glenn Nolan, EuroGOOS secretary general, was elected as GOOS Steering Committee expert for a two-year term. In addition to their technical expertise, the five elected experts will bring their policy advice and guidance to the GOOS Steering Committee.

Other assembly updates include the election of Peter Haugan (UiB, Norway) as new IOC chairman. Stephen Hall (NOC, UK and EuroGOOS delegate) was elected vice-chair in Group I.

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