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Access to data

All data collected by IBI ROOS partners, both in near real time and in delayed mode, are shared freely and openly in European data aggregators and data portals. The data can be found and downloaded from the below data portals:   EMODnet physics portal       Copernicus Marine In Situ     SeaDataNet  

The IBI Portal

The IBI portal is designed to be managed by two partners for the benefit of the IBI community: Coriolis for the lagrangian and underway data Puertos Del Estado for the fixed point platforms These two partners gather data from identified data centers, convert them in a unique format and set up together an integrated gateway… Read more »

Access to products

FRANCE PREVIMER PREVIMER is a pre-operational system aiming to provide a wide range of users, from private individuals to professionals, with observations and short-term forecasts about the coastal environment along the French coastlines bordering the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea. CORIOLIS Coriolis data center aggregates in situ data for operational oceanography as well as research community needs…. Read more »

Access to data

In Situ observation are acquired at national level but useful to the entire IBI community. That’s why is 2006 we decided to join our efforts to ease access to data in the IBI area by setting up a portal that would integrate data from the various national contributors. The goal is to provide free access… Read more »

Observing systems

In order to improve the observing system for the IBI area we first have updated the inventory of the existing observing system. February 2009 situation is illustrated in the following figure   The detailed list of the observing system can be seen in the existing In Situ Observing systems report ( Updated April 2009) Next… Read more »