The IBI Portal

The IBI portal is designed to be managed by two partners for the benefit of the IBI community:

  • Coriolis for the lagrangian and underway data
  • Puertos Del Estado for the fixed point platforms

These two partners gather data from identified data centers, convert them in a unique format and set up together an integrated gateway to the whole dataset. In coherence with what was agreed at Eurogoos conference in october 2008 , data format on the IBI-Roos portal will be Netcdf/Oceansites V1.1 ( see  documentation). First version of the portal has been set up on summer 2009 . To get the login information please send a request to codac


All the documentation on Data Format and QC procedure are available at  Copernicus In Situ TAC organization

How to download data from COpernicus Marine Service (CMEMS)  in-situ IBI  ftp

  1. Register as a CMEMS user if you did not do it yet, you will receive a MyOcean personnal login and password.
    user, password : your CMEMS personnal login and password
    read documentation to use the product properly

 Viewing tool

Fixed platforms viewing service and MyOcean monitoring statistics

IBI explorer 

Google Earth visualisation of the last 30 days of data :  click to access